Measurement matters.


Metor is a multi-faceted business with diverse interests focused on real estate investment and corportate development.

Within real estate investment, Metor provides an ensuite of services including investment management, construction management, and design and planning assistance.

The corporate development aspect focuses on assisting small businesses and organizations with business planning and implementation, as well as support with web presence and online marketing.

Metor [met-or] is a Latin verb for “I measure” or “I mark out.” Measurement is a fundamental principle of commerce: to measure results, measure projections, measure decisions, measure performance, measure efficiency. It is a precept that is imperative to the success of any venture. Therefore, Metor’s name is inspired by this significant rule of business: measurement matters.

Our values:



Get it built.


Ask an expert.


Maximize your online presence.


Modern. Efficient. Economical.